March 29, 2020

Botanical cafe&restaurant Hyssop ヒソップ

Hidden quiet healing space in town



日常使いに、とは言いにくい価格帯ですが、 納得の美味しさ!

"Hyssop" is situated in a 4th floor of the Good nature station (organic market) and Hotel, opened December 2019.

There are several organic restaurants and cafes in the building, but, “Hyssop" is the most vegan friendly place. It’s stands just beside check in counter of the Good nature hotel, which have a nice view of courtyard in the quiet environment.

They provided only pre-fixed menu for lunch. There are three menus for vegan out of five. Those pre-fixed menu includes Herbal tea, soup, bread, (small appetizer), main dish and tea or coffee with 2,500yen (Tax and service fee are included).

Although the total portion of the menu are relatively small, it tastes great!

For dinner, they provide only a la carte menu, and about the half of them are vegan friendly!

The first floor is an organic market and, there is eat in space provided; you can have fruits or light meal you bought there!

Vegie menu:IMG_2601
× 100% Vegan
× 100% Vegetarian(Inc.Vegan menu)
○ Vegan menu
× Raw food
○ Vegetarian(Inc.Daily,egg)
× Vegetable dish( broth)
○ Non vegie menu
○ Vegan sweets
○ Vegie sweets
× Raw sweets
× Gluten free(Upon your request)
○ White sugar free
○ Organic beer,Bio wine
× Halal menu : Upon your request(Require reservation)
× Five pungent(五葷) free

店名:Botanical cafe&restaurant Hyssop ヒソップ
TEL : 075-352-3728
営業: 月曜〜日曜 11:30-14:30(L/O 14:00),17:30-23:00(L/O 22:00)
休日: 無休 Opens 7days a week 
住所: 京都市下京区河原町四条下がる2丁目稲荷町318-6
           Good nature station/Hotel 4F
            4F Good nature station/Hotel, 318-6 Inari-cho,
           Nicho-me, Kawaramachi-Shijo Sagaru, Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto

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